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THE PARTS LISTED BELOW ARE NOT COVERED. (Therefore any part not listed is covered under this coverage per the terms of the contract): Paint/carpeting; frame or structural separation; manual/hydraulic clutch assembly; trim; hoses and rubber parts; fiberglass top; any repositioning, refitting or realigning; moldings; distributor cap/rotor; tires/wheels; air bag/supplemental restraint systems; lenses; battery and cables; all maintenance service and items such as alignments, wheel balances, engine tune-ups, spark/glow plugs, plug wires, brake pads, linings & shoes, filters; lubricants & coolants (unless in conjunction with a covered breakdown); hoses and v-style belts; bright metal; light bulbs/headlight or taillight assemblies; exhaust system; weather stripping; body panels; brake rotor/drums; normal fluid/oil lubricant seepage; canvas, vinyl or fabric tops; satellite/GPS systems; video systems; remote compact disc changers; shop supplies, hazard waste removal; body adjustments; buttons, handles, door hinges, glass and glass assemblies; service adjustments and cleaning; retrofits or replacements of any components caused by or due to compliance with law or legislation including the 1990 clean air act, and including emission control equipment and sensors.


LUXURY ELECTRONICS PACKAGE (LEP): The following specifically named Vehicle Manufacturer/Factory installed parts are covered: GPS/Navigation Components; Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screens; DVD Players; Rearview Back-Up camera and sensors; Voice Activation Systems. Coverage is limited to one (1) replacement per component. 

The above LEP Coverage is limited only to Failure of the “base unit” and does not cover any remote controls, hand-held controls, wiring, game cartridges, headphones, DVD’s, MP3 Players, programming, or any other non-listed parts for the covered LEP items above.

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